The Colorado Doulas Association is an organization of doulas, childbirth educators, and breastfeeding support in the state of Colorado. Our mission is to organize and support doulas in the state of Colorado for the purpose of promoting public education relating to pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, to work actively to improve maternal/child birth outcomes and to empower women and families as active participants in maternity and postpartum care. Some of the many goals of the CDA include:

  • Allowing parents and medical providers to easily find a doula in their region through our new searchable database. Browse the directory to find doulas, childbirth educators and breastfeeding consultants.
  • Providing a professional forum for doulas in the state of Colorado to network, share ideas, and support one another.
  • Developing informational, marketing, and advertising materials to broaden public awareness of antepartum doulas, birth doulas, and postpartum doulas.
  • Hold quarterly meetings in the Denver area for doulas and other birth professionals.