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1574 York Street, Denver, CO, United States

Sessy Spira LMT, CD(DONA)

Doula + Massage + Photography

Childbirth is not a one size fits all. At Mama Bee Doulas, we believe there is no wrong way to birth, there is simply your way. We specialize in guiding women and their partners to find their own birthing way.

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I am a CAPPA certifying postpartum doula offering support and services in Denver and the surrounding areas. I have a passion for helping families in their transition in becoming a family or making a family even bigger than it already is! I am happy to work on a sliding scale as well.

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Boulder, CO, United States

You and your family deserve the best start to this extraordinary journey of parenthood. Allow me to assist you through the early weeks and months. My job is to help you ease into parenthood, to help mom during her recovery from labor & delivery, to provide what the family needs, and support a positive start to your new life. I provide family nurturing in an authentic and kind way

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Welcome to Matrescence Doula Services!

My name is Dakota and I am extremely passionate about my work as a doula! I provide compassionate and non-judgemental doula services including prenatal and postpartum care, unlimited labor and birth support, placenta encapsulation services, information, referrals and advocacy, as well as ceremonial facilitation for the full spectrum of experiences in the childbearing cycle!

I initially trained and certified through DONA International, but am now certified with The Matrona as a Holistic Doula. I also attended midwifery school at The Matrona and did a home-birth midwifery apprenticeship with a CPM. I am currently focusing on my work as a doula, but am also a student midwife that is passionately and forever learning about pregnancy and birth. Lastly, I have also been trained by The Sacred Living Movement to hold Sacred Pregnancy classes and be a Sacred Fertility Doula.

I have attended births from the hot, thick air of Bali, Indonesia with midwives and families that barely spoke English to yurt-births on farms in rural Vermont to hospital births resulting in Cesareans. I have gathered many different tools from many great experiences, teachers and families on my path and I am humbled. I am humbled and ready to serve.

I am currently taking clients and I serve the Boulder County area! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation! I look forward to hearing from you!

Curious about what clients are saying about Matrescence Doula Services? Click here to read my testimonials:

Many blessings,

Denver Metropolitan Area, CO, United States

Carolyn Butler is a DONA certified Birth Doula and a DONA and CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula.  She has been doing professional doula work since 2010 and as of 2015, she is a faculty member of CAPPA, training others to be Postpartum Doulas.  Carolyn is also pursuing the CAPPA certification to become a Lactation Educator and she is also a Sleep Specialist.  Carolyn is a mother and grandmother and has been a teacher, trainer and facilitator for a large part of her working life.  She has a Masters in Applied Communication and shares her expertise in this arena with all her clients.

Why Did Carolyn Become a Doula?

Being from a large family and even larger extended family, Carolyn has cared for babies most of her younger life.  She saw breastfeeding all around her and frequently cared for siblings and cousins soon after birth. This was just the “village” concept of child rearing that occurred when families lived close together.

After many years pursuing a variety of professions, Carolyn discovered the doula world and was delighted to learn she could have a career in something she was so passionate about and had experience doing.

Having been an infertility patient for a number of years, Carolyn experienced the medical profession of birth on a whole different level.  Supporting clients who have gone through this process is her greatest joy as a Birth Doula.  Everyone can have an empowering birth experience and Carolyn strives to give her clients the tools to make this possible.

Since most of us have moved away from the “village”, Carolyn is also committed to providing appropriate services for the postpartum period.  She can support new parents in their homes for the first few weeks (or months) until they are ready to go it on their own.  This work is important for all families, but especially for those with multiples.  Carolyn loves to support new twin (or multiple) families so they can learn to survive and flourish on their own.

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Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I believe ALL families should have access to a supportive & knowledgeable doula regardless of ability to pay. Sliding scale and bartered trades welcome.  For families who can afford more, payments made above the standard fee help make it possible to serve other families that would struggle to afford quality doula care.

Additional available services include:

*Education: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Lactation/Breastfeeding classes

*HypnoBirthing classes and birth support

*Commemorative Art: birth photography, illustrated portraits, henna, belly casts, or other customized works.

*Labor/birth tub rental

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Boulder, CO, United States

Julie Bergquist is a postpartum doula who has been serving families in Boulder county since April of 2015.  She works with the collective Sanctuary Doulas, serving a variety of families with diverse needs, ranging from families with multiples, single parent families, and LGBTQ families.  She is certified through DONA International.  Julie lives in Louisville, CO with her husband and two red-headed young children.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

My journey with midwifery began with the birth of my own three children. I searched for a philosophy of birth that made sense and found midwifery care. After birthing all of my children with midwives, I heard the calling to become a midwife myself. My passion is to help empower and educate women and their families and provide them with the best care throughout the childbearing season.

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Ramona is an experienced, compassionate, and skilled midwife providing complete home birth care including water labor/birth, prenatal care, birth attendance, postpartum and newborn care, breastfeeding support and more. Her maternity packages include consultations with a nutritionist to determine the client’s specific needs. Ramona is calm, and believes that birth is a normal function that doesn’t have to be feared. She uses natural, holistic approaches to help things when they get off track a little, and accesses medical services in the small percentage of situations that need it. Call her to set up a free interview.

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I am a professional Birth Doula serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. It is my passion to see that every woman who desires support during her pregnancy, birth and early postpartum days is able to receive it. Meet and greets are always complementary and I offer low income discounts to those who apply.

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I have recently repatriated to the USA after 28 years in 10 countries. I have experience working with women around the world in many areas of health and education. I am a Cross cultural trainer, Crisis Hotline Counselor and  recently became a Doula in Singapore For 1.5 years I operated as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator at a newly opened Unwed Mothers Center, supporting unwed and marginalized women through pregnancy and birth and the postpartum period. I currently live in Boulder and am looking forward to continuing Doula and teaching again. I am hoping to make some contacts in the area and to networking with other birth professionals.


At Midnight Sun Birth Services we pride ourselves on supporting families through all of lives natural transitions, honoring birth in any trimester and supporting pregnancy through any outcome. Additional support for siblings who are preparing to welcome new family members is also available by way of sibling doula support, and we work with all clients throughout the prenatal and immediate postpartum period.

This is a support group that offers individual and group support for women who have suffered birth trauma.  Located between Parker and Broomfield, we service the entire Denver Metro area.


I’m Sue and I would love to be your doula!

I am a certifying birth doula that was trained by toLabor.  I may be just starting my doula business, but I am not a stranger to the birth world.  My first experience with doula work was seeing my sister labor with a doula at young age.  I witnessed a peaceful moment between doula and laboring sister that will forever be burned on my brain.  I truly believe with a trusted birth circle a laboring mom will benefit from less pain, less intervention and a better birth experience.

I have birthed two boys of my own – one in a large hospital in downtown Chicago and the other in my home in Louisville.  I draw from my experience but I know my birth story is not YOUR birth.  Every woman is different – every baby is unique.  I will empower you to make your own educated choices that are best for your body and your baby.


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