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I have recently repatriated to the USA after 28 years in 10 countries. I have experience working with women around the world in many areas of health and education. I am a Cross cultural trainer, Crisis Hotline Counselor and  recently became a Doula in Singapore For 1.5 years I operated as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator at a newly opened Unwed Mothers Center, supporting unwed and marginalized women through pregnancy and birth and the postpartum period. I currently live in Boulder and am looking forward to continuing Doula and teaching again. I am hoping to make some contacts in the area and to networking with other birth professionals.


At Midnight Sun Birth Services we pride ourselves on supporting families through all of lives natural transitions, honoring birth in any trimester and supporting pregnancy through any outcome. Additional support for siblings who are preparing to welcome new family members is also available by way of sibling doula support, and we work with all clients throughout the prenatal and immediate postpartum period.


Julianne Curtis is a Birth, Postpartum and Bereavement Doula serving  Northern Colorado.



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