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Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I believe ALL families should have access to a supportive & knowledgeable doula regardless of ability to pay. Sliding scale and bartered trades welcome.  For families who can afford more, payments made above the standard fee help make it possible to serve other families that would struggle to afford quality doula care.

Additional available services include:

*Education: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Lactation/Breastfeeding classes

*HypnoBirthing classes and birth support

*Commemorative Art: birth photography, illustrated portraits, henna, belly casts, or other customized works.

*Labor/birth tub rental

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I have recently repatriated to the USA after 28 years in 10 countries. I have experience working with women around the world in many areas of health and education. I am a Cross cultural trainer, Crisis Hotline Counselor and  recently became a Doula in Singapore For 1.5 years I operated as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator at a newly opened Unwed Mothers Center, supporting unwed and marginalized women through pregnancy and birth and the postpartum period. I currently live in Boulder and am looking forward to continuing Doula and teaching again. I am hoping to make some contacts in the area and to networking with other birth professionals.


I am a birth doula, childbirth educator, and placenta encapsulation provider serving the Denver metro area.  I believe every family should have access to personalized, relational, compassionate support in the childbearing process.  It is my goal to build a relationship throughout the prenatal period with each family, providing support and education along the way and then continuous support through labor and delivery in each family’s chosen method of birth.


Babies Under My Wings is a program designed to help parents feel confident with their decisions since their baby is born and beyond. We focus on guiding and supporting parents so their baby’s development is reached to a higher capacity.\n\nBabies Under My Wings is a combination of services offered to parents through their new journey. It is to help ease worries about what is needed or desired during this memorable time, specially the first years.\n\nWe educate parents on their child development, this will help to understand their baby’s behavior according to their age and what they are discovering.\n\nOur program consists on home visits, in the comfort of your schedule. In each visit parents are provided with the information and education that they are looking for. We accommodate our services according to your needs and budget.\n\nALSO OFFERED IN SPANISH!


Preparing to give birth can bring up a lot of strong emotions. Joy and excitement arise, but often times, worry and anxiety play a role. If you are feeling anxious about any aspect of labor, birth, or postpartum recovery, I can help. I offer private childbirth classes and doula services in Douglas County. If a group class isn’t ideal for you due to bed rest, work schedule, personality, special circumstances etc. then contact me to chat about how I can best serve you.

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