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Boulder, CO, United States

You and your family deserve the best start to this extraordinary journey of parenthood. Allow me to assist you through the early weeks and months. My job is to help you ease into parenthood, to help mom during her recovery from labor & delivery, to provide what the family needs, and support a positive start to your new life. I provide family nurturing in an authentic and kind way

Denver Metropolitan Area, CO, United States

Carolyn Butler is a DONA certified Birth Doula and a DONA and CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula.  She has been doing professional doula work since 2010 and as of 2015, she is a faculty member of CAPPA, training others to be Postpartum Doulas.  Carolyn is also pursuing the CAPPA certification to become a Lactation Educator and she is also a Sleep Specialist.  Carolyn is a mother and grandmother and has been a teacher, trainer and facilitator for a large part of her working life.  She has a Masters in Applied Communication and shares her expertise in this arena with all her clients.

Why Did Carolyn Become a Doula?

Being from a large family and even larger extended family, Carolyn has cared for babies most of her younger life.  She saw breastfeeding all around her and frequently cared for siblings and cousins soon after birth. This was just the “village” concept of child rearing that occurred when families lived close together.

After many years pursuing a variety of professions, Carolyn discovered the doula world and was delighted to learn she could have a career in something she was so passionate about and had experience doing.

Having been an infertility patient for a number of years, Carolyn experienced the medical profession of birth on a whole different level.  Supporting clients who have gone through this process is her greatest joy as a Birth Doula.  Everyone can have an empowering birth experience and Carolyn strives to give her clients the tools to make this possible.

Since most of us have moved away from the “village”, Carolyn is also committed to providing appropriate services for the postpartum period.  She can support new parents in their homes for the first few weeks (or months) until they are ready to go it on their own.  This work is important for all families, but especially for those with multiples.  Carolyn loves to support new twin (or multiple) families so they can learn to survive and flourish on their own.

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Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I believe ALL families should have access to a supportive & knowledgeable doula regardless of ability to pay. Sliding scale and bartered trades welcome.  For families who can afford more, payments made above the standard fee help make it possible to serve other families that would struggle to afford quality doula care.

Additional available services include:

*Education: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Lactation/Breastfeeding classes

*HypnoBirthing classes and birth support

*Commemorative Art: birth photography, illustrated portraits, henna, belly casts, or other customized works.

*Labor/birth tub rental


At Midnight Sun Birth Services we pride ourselves on supporting families through all of lives natural transitions, honoring birth in any trimester and supporting pregnancy through any outcome. Additional support for siblings who are preparing to welcome new family members is also available by way of sibling doula support, and we work with all clients throughout the prenatal and immediate postpartum period.

Hello my name is Kristyn Lisius and I am a Denver area certified Birth Doula, Sibling Doula, and Reiki Practitioner. Supporting women and their families is my passion!  I believe that there’s a doula for every family and support is key for birth and birthing families.

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I am a new certifying Labor and Postpartum Doula in the Denver area. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with Laboring and Postpartum Mothers through the experience of watching my youngest sibling be born at home. I was at the perfect age of curiosity.

I have been a professional nanny for the couple years with a focus on young families with brand new babies. I have also worked with pregnant and parenting teens in a residential treatment facility with my background in Child Psychology. So I may be a new doula, but I sure do have a ton of experience in the world of everything Mama!

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ʻĀina Hānau means birthplace and provides labor and postpartum services in addition to energy healing work. My goal is to honor each baby’s birthplace by making sure the family feels informed, cared for and safe through their sacred experience.

After years of traveling, working in a women’s shelter, and serving with AmeriCorps, I understood the collective importance and value of supporting families during the parental development years and trained as a labor and postpartum doula through Birth Arts International, CAPPA, and ProDoula. My passion for this work stems from a desire to create a community that empowers people to take ownership of their body and wellness, to provide compassion, and to nurture families during times of transition. All of my experiences have broadened my perspective forming my desire for birth, postpartum care, and healing work. I have a background in Sociology and Anthropology, and I am constantly continuing my education as a Reiki practitioner, and currently enrolled in an intensive women’s herbal and ethno-botanical studies program. I respect and honor all types of parenting choices and loves to learn from others through an exploration of their cultural mores and rituals. I have committed myself to humanitarian work locally and abroad, living and breathing the community, and as a result, learning and growing as a nurturer.


As a doula and a parent myself, I hold a special place in my heart for education; providing parents with information about what will happen to their bodies and emotions and *why.* I believe that the path to a positive birth is  through knowledge and natural intuition. With this knowledge and extensive physical and emotional support throughout the pregnancy and labor, parents will have all the tools for a bold and beautiful birth.

My postpartum and sibling services come with the same philosophy of respect, support, and education. I see birth as a rite of passage for the whole family. My goal is to work together to make it a positive experience whether it happens as planned or not.


Amy has been a doula since 2008 serving 160+ clients in the hospital, birthing center, and at home. Amy provides hands on and informational support during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period. Services include: labor doula, sibling labor doula, birth photography, and henna belly tattoos for pregnancy ( Amy is also a fine artist ( and mama to six amazing children.

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