Sue Crowley Professional Doula Services


I’m Sue and I would love to be your doula!

I am a certifying birth doula that was trained by toLabor.  I may be just starting my doula business, but I am not a stranger to the birth world.  My first experience with doula work was seeing my sister labor with a doula at young age.  I witnessed a peaceful moment between doula and laboring sister that will forever be burned on my brain.  I truly believe with a trusted birth circle a laboring mom will benefit from less pain, less intervention and a better birth experience.

I have birthed two boys of my own – one in a large hospital in downtown Chicago and the other in my home in Louisville.  I draw from my experience but I know my birth story is not YOUR birth.  Every woman is different – every baby is unique.  I will empower you to make your own educated choices that are best for your body and your baby.


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