How do I find the right doula for my family?

Our listing is designed to make connecting with doulas easy!With your particular needs and values in mind, access our search to find doulas who will be a great fit for your family.

Begin by thinking about why you are seeking a doula. What attracted you to the idea of a doula? What are your most important goals and values about your upcoming birth? Are you looking for support for a specific need or situation?

The right doula for your birth is someone who addresses your specific needs and can support your goals and values.

Find doulas in your area

Are you seeking a birth doula or a postpartum doula?  Remember that by selecting one modality at a time, you may see more listings.  If you are seeking a single professional who will provide both services, select both for your search.  Then select your geographical location.

Review their websites

Each listing shows you specific areas the doula serves, and any additional services provided.  It also links directly to each doula's website so you can learn more about the doula's specific practice philosophy and services.

Contact the doulas you have selected

You can call, text, or email each doula you have selected directly from the listing.  connect with each doula in the way you prefer, and ask a few questions.  Is the doula available for the time when you need services?

Schedule interviews with doulas

When you've narrowed down your list to two or three candidates, schedule an interview with each one.  You will want your partner, if applicable, to participate in each interview as the doula will spend significant time providing support to both of you.  Ask more about the doula, and talk about your goals and specific support needs.  How will the doula support you?  Do you feel a good connection with the doula?

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How do I interview a doula?

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Interview Basics

When scheduling an interview with your short list of potential doulas, expect to meet with each one for 30-60 minutes.  You may meet in a coffee house or other public location, or the doula may have an office location.

Practical Matters

The doula should provide you with a contract to review.  During the interview, make sure you understand the contract, the payment terms, and ask about the doula's back up arrangements in case the doula is unavailable.

Education & Training

The interview is the perfect time to ask questions about the doula's training and education, and any credentials the doula uses.  Make notes about anything you wish to research after the interview.


The most important consideration in hiring a doula is compatibility.  Ask each doula you are interviewing how they will support your specific needs and values.  Does the doula have experience working with clients with your particular situation or plans?  Do you feel a good connection with the doula?

Making a Decision

Don't be in a hurry to make a decision about which doula to hire.  Take time to discuss with your partner and sleep on it.  While it is true that spaces in a doula's calendar may fill quickly, you don't need to feel pressured to make a choice at the interview if you are ready to do so.

Ready to find the right doula for your family?